Welcome to Digital Shares

Fully featured trading platform for digital assets

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Welcome to Digital Shares

Digital Shares is a fully featured trading platform for digital assets. We generate and trade digital securities.

Creating new forms of liquidity into what are typically illiquid assets, such as real estate, art, fine jewelry and high end collectables.

By providing an alternative source of capital funding, Digital Shares competes head on with lenders and other capital providers, with the following benefits to the owner/operator.

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Main Benefits


Liquidity instantly available to asset owner/operator to fulfil business needs

No interest payment or debt servicing to a lender

No new board members or partners to contend with

No voting rights given out

Entire process managed by Digital Shares, to the clients requirements and time scales

Managed equity issuance off the DS platform under client control

Highly repeatable model

Secondary market trading of the digital securities (subject to regulatory hold periods)

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